Surfers on the Beach

Pricing & Payment


Casual   -  $14       Students/Seniors   - $12

Buy a block of 10 classes and get 1 free. These expire after 1 year.

Donations To Sea Shepherd

The Ocean is an incredibly important part of my and my families life. We are very aware that if the ocean is not looked after and treated with the respect it deserves, then life as we know it on planet earth (or more rightly so, planet ocean) will not be able to continue. If the ocean dies then so do we. 

With this in mind, I will be accepting optional donations to be passed on to Sea Shephard who are the worlds leading direct-action ocean conservation.

If you would like to add an optional donation on top of your class payment you can either do this in cash in class or add it to your online payment. 

Alternatively, you can directly donate to Sea Shepard HERE

Thank You!!

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Classes and passes can either be paid for in person by cash or via online payment

If you wish to add an optional donation to your class fee to Sea Shephard then either add to your in-class or your online payment. Thank you!! xxx

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Francesca Purcell


All Sea Shephard Donations will be made on the last Friday of every month