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All classes are held at the Mangawhai Village Domain Building on Moir St

Time Table

Tues - 9am - 10.15am

Friday - 9 am - 10.15 am 

Both of these classes are gentle to moderate, always taking a layered approach to enable most students to work within their own capabilities.

Donations To Sea Shepherd

The Ocean is an incredibly important part of my and my families life. We are very aware that if the ocean is not looked after and treated with the respect it deserves, then life as we know it on planet earth (or more rightly so, planet ocean) will not be able to continue. If the ocean dies then so do we. 

With this in mind, I will be accepting donations to be passed on to Sea Shephard who are the worlds leading direct-action ocean conservation.

If you would like to add an optional donation on top of your class payment you can either do this in cash in class or add it to your online payment. Please see Pricing& Payment 

Alternatively, you can directly donate to Sea Shepard HERE

Thank You!!

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Yoga Classes

Designed For You

Slow Hatha Flow

Slow Hatha Flow is a mindful practice, perfect for students wanting to explore functional ranges of movement whilst connecting to mind, body, and spirit. This yoga class is focused on supporting healthy joints and movement that will allow you to move through your daily life with increased awareness and ease. This class is suited to all levels of practice.

Times -

Tues   9am - 10:15 am

Friday 8 am - 9.15 am (from Oct 7th, 22)

Where  Mangawhai Domain Hall


Moderate - Strong Mindful Flow

Surrender to Your Mat

This class is designed to be energising and strong. Yoga designed for real-life bodies using sustainable movement to build strength, encourage beneficial ranges of movement and improve balance and awareness. Ideal for surfers or if you simply want to get stronger whilst building  a strong connection between your mind, breath, and body

You don't need to have practised Yoga before, you just need to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn whilst having fun. All Wild Wellness Yoga classes are all-inclusive.

Please note that I do not have any training in Pre-Natal Yoga Training. Please contact to enquire whether these classes would be suitable during YOUR pregnancy! x


No Classes at this time

where: Mangawhai Domain Hall

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