Calm Sea

Breathe . Love . Laugh . Heal .


Hi, I am Francesca a Yoga Teacher & Holistic Nutritionist based in Mangawhai, Northland.  I live here in our little slice of paradise with My Hubby Nathan and two (not so small now) munchkins Sienna Rose & Ethan. I love to float in the ocean, get outside in nature, create little wearable pieces of art in jewellery and hang out with my scrumptious family.  You will often find me barefoot and drinking tea ( I am a tea monster).

My philosophy on nutrition is holistic, I take wholefoods, non-fad, non-diet approach to eating,  believing that nature provides everything that the body needs to heal and function. At the beginning of 2020 I was all set to go into clinical practice after completing my Diploma in Nutritional Science. However, as we all know 2020 changed a lot of our plans and our goals.  The brakes were put on to me setting up a practice, I continued to teach Yoga and learn. I soon realised that Clinical practice was not all that I wanted to do. I am a creative and compassionate being and I love connecting with others. I want to help others eat well and nourish themselves but not be to attached to restrictive diets, expensive supplements and to let go of emotional eating, to help people their bodies and stop wasting precious energy on how you look but to tune in to how you feel. This is where my focus will be in 2021 alongside seeing clients one on one, so stay tuned for updates on exciting up and coming group workshops combining nutrition, mindset and yoga! (all of my favourite things).

I have been practicing yoga for around 20 years so. Not always a dedicated practice but always in some way shape or form.  After sustaining a spinal injury whilst surfing a few years ago, my own personal practice had to change. Little did I know at the time that this would be the beginning of a very exciting and soul-nourishing journey. I began to find new ways to move in order to build strength and improve my functional range of movement. I learned more about anatomy and biomechanics so that I am able to understand movement so much more for myself and for my students.  I had previously completed  250 hr vinyasa teacher training qualification but found that this was not in-depth enough for the way I was wanting to teach, so I went on to study with Nikki Ralston. Nikki has devised her own method of Yoga called The Ralston Method. Her focus is on functional movent and strength whilst keeping the heart of Yoga very much the focus of the practice. This training changed the way I practice and teach, I love to share movement and yoga, giving people the power and the knowledge on how to move in their own unique bodies If you would like to practice with me see Yoga for more details and the class timetable or feel free to contact me.

Let us honour our mistakes by allowing them to teach us. Let us consider our failings to be gifts and share them humbly with others. Let the cracks in our facades let in light and air so that new life can grow Through Them - Molly Gordon